About Us

Since it's inception in 1972, The Interdisciplinary Studies Master's program encourages studies of an interdisciplinary nature. It provides students with an opportunity to pursue independent, innovative research which does not fit into traditional disciplinary categories. Each student works closely with scholars in fields related to a chosen research topic.

A wide range of interdisciplinary topics may be proposed for study, including combinations which embrace fine arts and the sciences, the social sciences and humanities, and law. Successful application to the program depends on such factors as the viability of the topic proposed and the availability of supervisors and resources. The program, while intentionally remaining small, attracts high quality students with a wide range of scholarly interests and perspectives.

Qualified applicants are considered for admission to the program on the basis of a proposal leading to an MA Thesis. This proposal must clearly demonstrate the use of several different areas of knowledge (normally three) and indicate the availability of supervisors in these areas.