Financial Information & Support

Most full-time IS students receive a standard funding package of two full years of financial assistance in the form of an Graduate Fellowship. Occasionally, an IS student may opt to apply for a TA in their second year instead of a GF.

Funding packages consist of $10000 a year, over two years for a total of $20000 for the two years of a student’s full-time study. Top-ranked IS students may receive a York Graduate Scholarship in addition to their GA funding package. The amounts of these scholarships vary from year to year and from case to case. Students must remain full-time in good standing for every term in which a GA is held, in order to remain eligible for this financial assistance.

Internal Funding

  • Conference Support Fund
    This fund is for students presenting at a conference. This fund is not for students who are only attending conferences and it is not meant to be a primary source of funding for conferences.
  • Thesis Support Fund
    This fund is designed to help defray the costs involved in producing theses or major papers. Expenses covered under this fund include the costs of supplies, materials, and services expended on the project. Purchases of reusable/resaleable items such as computers, books, and journals will not be covered.
  • Skills Development Support
    This fund supports projects that help students develop skills in relation to their programme of study. It is intended for practical, skills-based training programs not offered at York.

External Funding - OGS, SSHRC, CIHR and NSERC Competitions

The Province of Ontario and the Canadian Tri-Council Agencies are important external sources of research funding for post-secondary institutions in Ontario and Canada. Every year, each granting body underwrites scholarship and awards competitions for graduate students. Both FGS and IS encourage top-ranked full-time students to enter the annual Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) and the federal Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) competitions.

Financial Information and Awards

Visit the links below for information on fees and financial support for graduate students.

  • Tuition and Fees
    Student Financial Services (SFS) publishes fees for each academic session.
  • Refunds
    Fees refunds/credit calculations are based on complete withdrawal from a term, not withdrawal from individual courses. This is because fees are calculated according to a student’s program and full-time or part-time enrolment status/activity level. Fees are not calculated on a per course basis.
  • Financial Support
    Various forms of financial assistance are available to graduate students. York University and external agencies offer numerous fellowships, assistantships, scholarships, awards, prizes, and grants. Graduate students are encouraged to consult with their particular program for advice on financial matters.
    Visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies Money Matters pages for more information on the types of financial support available.
  • External awards
    Applicants to the Faculty of Graduate Studies are urged to apply for external government awards and other awards tenable at York University. Some high-profile external scholarships are listed below:

Granting Councils

The following federal granting agencies provide funding to both master’s and doctoral students. You may apply to only one funding agency, determined by your area of research.

All three granting councils (NSERC, SSHRC, and CIHR) also offer Canadian Graduate Scholarships (CGS).


Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS) are available for graduate studies in all disciplines. Sixty of these awards are available to visa students.

Ontario Graduate Scholarships in Science and Technology (OGSST) are designed to encourage excellence in graduate studies in science and technology. Only available to Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

For more scholarship, bursary, and awards opportunities please check the following:

Please visit Faculty of Graduate Studies - Funding and Awards for more information.