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This section will assist you in preparing for your graduate career at York in conjunction with upcoming orientation events offered by both FGS and us!

How to Apply

Interdisciplinary studies affords prospective applicants the opportunity to combine three disciplinary lenses and approaches to their unique field of study. As such, the program of study including the preferred three disciplines that will shape this work must be established at the time of application.  In order for this to happen, prospective applicants must meet with the program director to discuss their proposed project and to work together to secure three supervisors — in — principle. As well a fulsome proposal is required and this again is worked on in consultation with the program director so as to ensure applicant files are strong and sufficiently Interdisciplinary. New admits routinely reflect on these preliminary meetings as greatly helpful in not only understanding the program but also in fine-tuning their area of inquiry. As well, they get to speak with/meet with many possible supervisors who again provide input to their proposal that is submitted at the time of application.

FGS has provided a step-by-step process with photos - as to what you will see when you open up the MYFILE account and go forward to apply. Have a look below for this - it will really help you!

Beginning your Application

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Interdisciplinary Studies Admission Process

Please note: No student may work towards a degree in any single subject through the Interdisciplinary program; if the student’s interests fall within the range of established programs of a disciplinary nature the application will be referred to the relevant admissions committee. We suggest you first check out all the info for prospective students provided by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. So give us a call - come to an info session - come and meet with the director and talk about what intrigues you - about what inspires you - about what you are passionate about and we'll try to make it happen for you. You'll be glad you came in!

To make an appointment with the director, contact the program administrator at