Junior Fellows

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Junior Fellow Role for IS Student Leaders

The University College system has enjoyed a long and rich history at York University — a history in facilitating intellectual and social fellowship between faculty, staff and undergraduate students and the broader local community. And within this college system, the role of the Fellow is, at its very core, an extension of the university into the community surround. Interdisciplinary Studies is proud to be the first program at York to pilot a Junior Fellow role for IS student leaders.


The role of the IS Junior Fellow is to provide mentorship to undergraduate students through an offering of guidance and skill transfer. Specifically, Junior Fellows offer mentoring to undergraduate  Peer Mentors and offer their own specific skill set, be that a lunch-time talk, a workshop, an art exhibit demonstrating principles of art-informed inquiry, etc. The Founding IS Junior Fellows were Keith Francis, Zainub Verjee, Kaspar Saxena and Emad Zahedi.


A Junior Fellow is an IS graduate student affiliated with the college who is in good academic standing and who through the provision of a Statement of Intent, demonstrates a willingness to contribute to the intellectual and social well-being of the college.


Interested graduate students would prepare a statement of intent providing an overview of the student’s relevant background, proposed offerings to the  community as well as an overview as to their intended time availability for mentoring undergrad Peer Mentors. Applicants are asked to submit their statement of intent to the Graduate Program Director. These statements would be confidentially reviewed at the program level, and if so directed, the GPD would nominate the candidate to the Master of the College. The student would meet with the Master to discuss their background, skills and ideas as to how they would like to contribute to the college. The appointment of Junior Fellows is at the discretion of the Master and would last for the duration of time the student is a registered IS Graduate Student. IS Graduates would then apply to be full College Fellows.