A Small Sampling of MA Projects

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Every IS Student does a Thesis, and all theses are published as "Electronic Theses & Dissertations"  and are public documents.  You can find all of the program's theses here at this link:  YORKU INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES ELECTRONIC THESES

Have a look below for a small sampling. Also look under the creative initiatives section under research.

Alexandra Anderson
Rhett Andrew
Madeline Ashby
Natalie Azzi
Gord Barentsen
Annette Bazira Okafor
Adam M. Cantor
Tracy Clemenger
Lynn Cunningham
Beth Cutts
Lee Davis Creal
Lauren DiMonte
Rachel Dubrofsky
John Edwards
Lisa Ellenwood
Sandra Fahy
Nancy Fillion
Aubie Golembek
Alison Gordon
Leeat Granek
John Greyson
John Harvey
Finn Harvor
Gita Hashemi
John Irwin
Anna Isacsson
Gurbir Jolly
Carwyn Jones
Evan P. Jones
Michael Kozierowski
Francesca L'Orfano
Walter Lake
Tracey Lloyd
Katie MacDonald
Heather Mains
Rosemary Mantini
David McIntosh
Andrea Monahan
Tanita Muneshwar
Caroline O'Brien
Nikole Pascetta
Jutta Raithel
Shaun Richards
Robin Rowland
Julie Senna
Meera Sethi
Donald Sinclair
Christopher Smith
Sara Thompson
Anna Vandenberg
Giselle Vincett
Danielle Vriend
Amy Wanounou
Shawn Whitney
Daniel Zanth
Name Areas Supervisors MA Thesis Title
Alexandra Anderson Film, Latin American Studies, Politics Scott Forsyth,
Harry Smaller,
Judith Hellman
Reflecting on Reality: The Place of Truth in Cuban and Canadian Documentary
Rhett Andrew Visual Arts, Humanities, Philosophy Tim Whiten,
Jamie Scott,
Claudio Duran
"Respect: The Parabolic Quest for Self–Realization”
Madeline Ashby Jennifer Brayton
Wendy Wong
Suzie Young
"Transformation Bodies: Anime, Fandom, and Cyborg Sub–cultures"
Natalie Azzi David Noble
Tony Turrittin
Livy Visano
"Canada’s Prison Privatization Experiment: A Critique."
Gord Barentsen Romanticism, Psycho-analysis, Cultural Theory Ian Balfour,
Robert Bowman,
Elizabeth Seaton
‘Where is the Anti–Nowhere League?’ English Romanticism and Punk Subculture
Annette Bazira Okafor Barbara Evans,
Pablo Idahosa,
Modupe Olaogun
"African Women in Documentary Films on Africa (1992–2006): North–South Representations"
Adam M. Cantor Anthropology, Classics, English David Paul Lumsden,
Jamie Scott,
James Rives
Pig/Human Transformations in The Odyssey and Animal Farm
Tracy Clemenger Science & Technology, Philosophy, Theology Malcolm Blincow,
Martin Fichman,
David Noble
Co–Creators with God: The Intersection of Genetics and Religion in U.S. Public Policy
Lynn Cunningham Business, Economics, Cultural Studies Fred Fletcher,
Julia Creet,
Liora Salter
Culture Wars: How Canada Lost the Battle to Protects its Magazines
Beth Cutts Women’s Studies, Sociology, Law, Social and Political Thought Joanne Stuckey,
D. Orr,
R. Schlesinger
Women and Euthanasia: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Lee Davis Creal Women’s Studies, Creative Writing, English Literature Marlene Kadar,
Susan Ehrlich,
Douglas Freake
Dancing with Fire: A Family Life Writing Narrative
Lauren DiMonte Art History, Cultural Studies, Anthropology Steve Bailey,
Jennifer Fisher,
Yvonne Singer
Telling It Like It Is: Harold Cromwell And The Black Nova Scotian Folk Art Tradition
Rachel Dubrofsky Sociology, Gender Studies, Psychoanalysis A. Pitt,
E. Hewitt,
D. Khayatt
All Consuming Selves: Women Reading Popular Psychology
John Edwards Bob Adolph,
Tom Cohen,
Dorothy de Val
Poets, Musicians and the Etiology of English Melancholy 1586–1651
Lisa Ellenwood Women's Studies, Media Studies, Video Production Elizabeth Seaton,
Barbara Evans,
Ted Magder
“Smart, Confident, Yet Feminine”: Paradoxes and Contradictions in Women’s Television. A Case Study of the Women’s Television Network
Sandra Fahy Women’s Studies, Irish Historical Literature, Creative Writing Susan Ehrlich,
John Unrau,
Richard Teleky
Writing Great Hunger: Ireland in 1845–50 and Irish Potato Famine.
Nancy Fillion Feminist Anthropology, Women's Studies, Asian Studies Penny Van Esterik,
Theresa Hyun, Douglas Freake
Reproductive Technology, Disciplinary Technology: Exploring Empowerment and Birth Control Use in New Order Indonesia
Aubie Golembek Photography, Philosophy, Art History Tom Cohen,
Patrick Gray,
Don Snyder (Adjunct)
Christ Before Christians: The Christological Incarnation of Renaissance Perspectives
Alison Gordon Women's Studies, Communications, Philosophy, Linguistics Susan Ehrlich,
Elizabeth Seaton,
Michael Gilbert
(Re)Constructing the Discourse of Women’s Magazine’s Mediation of Medicine
Leeat Granek Humanities, Psychology, Women’s Studies Mariam Mongrain,
David Rennie,
Douglas Freake
Depression as Synergy: A Relational, Identity and Existential Experience
John Greyson Barbara Balfour,
Barbara Godard,
Ilan Kapoor
"PILS SLIP: The making and unmaking of a doc–op about AIDS Activism (or, How do we sing about AIDS?)"
John Harvey Communication, Political Science, Linguistics Harris Breslow,
Susan Ehrlich,
David Bell
The Vicissitudes of Political Debate: The Career of the Terms Politically Correct and Political Correctness in the Toronto Area Press in the 1990s
Finn Harvor Creative Writing, Visual Arts, Video Penni Stewart,
Douglas Freake,
Susan Swan
A Light in the Face/Skin Gallery
Gita Hashemi Digital Interactive Media, Narrative Theories, Social & Political Thought; Iranian History; Gender Studies A. Buturovic,
Renate Wickens,
H. Moghissi
Between Parallel Mirrors: Foucault, Atoussa and Me, On Sexuality of History (paper) and of Shifting Shadows (CD-ROM)
John Irwin Criminology, Philosophy, Law Dianne Martin,
Margaret Beare,
Marie Christine Leps
Undercover Police Work in Canada and the Rule of Law
Anna Isacsson Women’s Studies, Education Didi Khayatt,
Rishma Dunlop,
Sharon Rosenberg
The Geography of Female Courtship: Life and Work of Jane Bowles
Gurbir Jolly Postcolonial Literary Theory, Social Memory Theory, Feminist Cultural Studies/Methodologies, On–line Performativity Patrick Taylor,
Ada Testaferri,
Arun Mukherjee
Subjectivity and Agency: An “Ethnographic” Contextualization of Six Indian Post–Immigrant Women’s Texts
Gurbir’s Publications:
Bolo Bolo, Desilicious
Carwyn Jones Law, Environmental Studies, Maori Studies Peter Cole,
Brian Slattery,
Linda Tuhiwai–Smith (Adjunct)
Tino Rangatiratanga and Sustainable Development: Principles for Developing a Just and Effective Resources Management Regime in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Evan P. Jones Surrealism, Creative Writing, Classicism, Modern Greek Poetry Richard Teleky, Matthew Clark, Yvonne Singer Returning to an Original Source: The Surrealist Recovery of Classical Greek Poetics by Modern Greek Poets
Evan’s Publications:
Nothing Fell Today But Rain
Michael Kozierowski History, Humanities, Autobiography Studies Tom Cohen,
Jamie Scott,
Heather Campbell
Seeking Stability in the Unknown World of Michel De Montaigne
Francesca L'Orfano Italian Canadian Studies, Film and Video, Visual Arts, Women's Studies, Education Brenda Longfellow,
Yvonne Singer,
Franc Sturino
Challenging Exclusion: Film, Video, Women, Memory, Identity and the Italian Canadian Immigrant Experience
Walter Lake Creative Writing, Anthropology, Environmental Studies Richard Teleky,
Naomi Adelson,
Joe Sheridan
Writing the North: Fiction, Place and Culture
Tracey Lloyd History, Sociology, Environmental Studies Patricia Evans,
Percy Anderson,
David Trotman
Planning and the Politics of Race
Katie MacDonald Barbara Heron,
Carlota McAllister,
Patrick Taylor
Unarticulated Spaces of Difference in Development: Finding Room for Radical Change in Spaces of Invisibility
Heather Mains Anthropology, Women’s Studies, Fine Arts Gail Linday,
Becky Lee,
Andrea O’Reilly
The Art of Giving Birth: The Power of Ritualizing
Rosemary Mantini Folklore, Social/Political Thought, History, Education Carole Carpenter,
Rinaldo Walcott,
Nick Rogers
Subversive Dialogues: Folklore Children’s Culture and the Gang
David McIntosh Film and Video, Science and Technology, History of the Nation–State Brenda Longfellow,
Joan Steigerwald,
Don Yon
Nation, Nation–State, National Cinema and Free Trade: Shifting Canadian and Mexican Film Cultures Since 1989 under FTA and NAFTA
Andrea Monahan Sociology, Women's Studies, Environmental Studies Desmond Ellis,
D. Kehoe,
Patricia McDermott
Power in Divorce Mediation
Tanita Muneshwar Kamala Kempadoo,
Jamie Scott,
Patrick Taylor
“(Her) Stories Written: The Construction of Identity Through Politics, Culture and Education in the Novels of Contemporary Indo–Guyanese Women”
Caroline O'Brien Julia Creet,
Norma Sue Fisher–Stitt,
Yvonne Singer
Between the Seams: The Making of a Princess
Nikole Pascetta Don Dippo,
Susan McGrath,
Belarie Zatzman
"Making Meaning Through Movement: A Theatre Pedagogy for English Language Learning in Refugee Youth Settlement"
Jutta Raithel Classical Studies, Art History, History, Rhetoric R. Schneider,
J. Edmonson,
G. Metraux,
K. Stanworth
In a Mirror, Brightly: The Didactic Value of Visual Imagery in an Early Icon and an Ekphrastic Sermon (The Enthroned Virgin of Mount Sinai and Pseudo–Gregory of Nazianzus, Oration 35)
Shaun Richards Nineteenth–century French Literary Studies and Social History, Postcolonial Studies, Women's Studies Nicholas Rogers,
Elizabeth Cohen,
Sergio Villani
"Baudelaire's "Black Venus": Alterity, Identity and the Modern Muse
Robin Rowland Law, Philosophy, Refugee Studies, History, Theatre Craig Scott,
Howard Adelman,
Robert Fothergill
Command Ability and Command Responsibility – Lt. Col. Hirateru Banno and the “F Force” Trails
Julie Senna Art History, Visual Arts, Psychology Raymond Fancher,
Gordon Flett,
Anne–Marie Lewis
A Psychobiographical Analysis of William Blake: His Life and Work
Meera Sethi Cultural Theory, Visual Art Theory, Feminist Theory, Postcolonial Theory Arun Mukherjee,
Nancy Nicol,
Ramabai Espinet
Critical Art Practices: The Visual Art of Jamelie Hassan, Sarindar Dhaliwal, and Jin–me Yoon
Donald Sinclair Fine Arts, Cultural Studies, Mass Communication, Computer Science Jerry Durlak,
C.K. Peng,
Nina DeShane
Examining an Interactive New Media Object: Laurie Anderson’s “Puppet Motel”
Christopher Smith Warren Crichlow,
Janine Marchessault,
Leslie Sanders
"Thinking Otherwise: The Politics of Black Queer Filmmaking."
Sara Thompson Fairytales, Popular Culture, Drama Carole Carpenter,
Renate Wickens,
Christopher Innes
The Words that Remain: Two Theories of Performance and the Question of Identity in Contemporary Variations of “Sleeping Beauty”
Anna Vandenberg Humanities, Psychology, Education Matthew Clark,
Jill Rich,
Celia Haig–Brown
Communication, Ethics, Learning: The Lost Contexts of Memory Arts
Giselle Vincett Anthropology, Religious Studies, Women’s Studies Andrea O’Reilly,
Jordan Paper,
Joanne Stuckey
Resacralizing the Profane: Symbols in Feminist Goddess Worship
Danielle Vriend English Literature, Women’s Studies, Political Science Douglas Freake,
Arun Mukherjee,
Wenona Giles
Identity Watershed: The Work of Sri Lankan Writer Jean Arasanayagam
Amy Wanounou Minoo Derayeh,
David Dewitt,
Haideh Moghissi
Female Palestinian Suicide Bombers: Causes and Motivations
Shawn Whitney Humanities, Social Science, Political Science Marlene Kadar,
Robert Fothergill,
John Allett
Radical Theatre: From Theory to Practice
Daniel Zanth Richard Teleky,
Jill Bell,
Teresa Hyun
Teaching English in South Korea: Studying, Shaping and Representing my Expatriate Experiences–Theory and Original Fiction