Student Leadership & Community

Community Building in Interdisciplinary Studies

I hope we all make it
In our program you will find a pay-it-forward ethos where students are brought into community where you will be invited and asked to share your gifts in support of the program as a whole and in support of the student community.  We want to encourage you to be a leader in a collaborative model of innovative education.

The Graduate Program in Interdisciplinary Studies strives to recruit applicants who are self-driven, motivated and seek to discover ways to enhance their own campus experience as well as the experience of their peers. IS Students create their OWN area of inquiry, secure three supervisors and then direct and convene meetings with their supervisory team. We have developed best practice guidelines on working with your supervisory team including how to call a meeting, how to set an agenda, how to write minutes post a supervisory meeting so that you can ensure strong communication and feedback.

Leadership Within the IS Student Community student leader

In addition the program has several opportunities for students to take on leadership positions for and within the IS student community  including the following:

  1. Be an IS Buddy—2nd-year students provide mentorship and support to 1st year students. This is an initiative of your ISGSA and we think it's kind of cool.
  2. Social Convener(s)
  3. Program Representative on the York University Graduate Student Association
  4. Appointments to Program Executive (appointed by the director)
  5. Junior Fellowships
  6. Pay it Forward Opportunities, eg. Providing Workshops to peers, participating in student panels for applicants, new admits
  7. Newsletter Submissions: Writing student-directed advice for the IS  Newsletter

Don't hesitate to connect with us if you have any other cool ideas. We'd be pleased to support any student leadership initiatives - especially ones brought forward by our students.