The Interdisciplinary Studies Thesis


Normally, theses in Interdisciplinary Studies will be approximately 120 pages in length. However, the program also realizes that some flexibility is needed to accommodate individual projects: in extraordinary circumstances, then, we suggest a maximum of 150 pages, and at the other end of the spectrum, a minimum of 80 pages. Exceptional circumstances that pertain to the contours of a unique thesis subject or to the rubric of a unique CWMM (“creative writing and multi-media”) thesis project may on occasion require further alterations in length. Such alterations will only be considered in specific situations. All such alterations will be determined by the supervisory committee in consultation with the student and the program office. In all exceptional circumstances, it is advised that the Director be consulted in the event that the program’s approval is required in order to proceed to defense. Rationale: The issue of thesis length is of great importance to students in the Master’s program in Interdisciplinary Studies because I.S. is a thesis-only program. In addition, all students must defend the thesis to an oral examining committee, one member of whom is from an institution external to York University. We have observed that on occasion, External Examiners have mistaken M.A. projects for PhD projects and evaluated them accordingly. When asked, the examiners have indicated that they assumed “Ph.D” because of the length of the thesis. We want to ensure that an M.A. thesis is evaluated as an M.A. thesis and not a PhD., so these guidelines for thesis length are meant to help us in achieving this goal.

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