graphic of a crayon with the word Workshops on it

Our program provides many workshops in-house specifically for our IS student community

First Year Student Workshops Include

  • Orientation
  • Interdisciplinary Studies : Three 3-hour classes led by the GPD
  • Thesis Proposal Writing
  • Research Ethics
  • Library Research
  • Writing Successful Funding Applications

Second Year Student Workshops Include

  • Re-Orientation - * New just for returning 2nd year students
  • Thesis Writing
  • Convening a Successful Colloquium
  • Planning your Thesis Defence

Accessing Materials for the IS Workshops and Classes

We now have a YorkU "Learn" page. It's similar to a course moodle page and is open only to registered IS students. So, yes you do have to register but then you can go in and get any of the handouts, slides and links that pertain to each of our workshops and speakers. Remember, you have to register, so it will direct you to first register, then login and then you might have to re-click above to access the page. Still stuck? To find our page inside the actual LEARN PLATFORM, go to Faculty of Graduate Studies inside LEARN and look for Interdisciplinary Studies IS 5000.  You'll be glad you did.

What to do with an IS Degree: Skills Workshops and Career Centre